Dr. Loyd is the author of over fifty academic articles, six academic books and a commercial mathematics readiness test. He has nearly 40 years of experience teaching instructors, school teachers and students associated with grades 4, 6 and 8 as well as those at the high school and university level.

Dr. Loyd has a BS degree in Mathematics & Education, a MS degree in Mathematics, and a PhD in Mathematics Education from Vanderbilt University's Peabody College. He is a highly respected national and international workshop presenter who has served as a University professor for over 35 years. His fraction kit has been trusted in over 2500 classrooms worldwide for nearly 30 years.

Although Dr. Loyd now serves as professor Emeritus, he still makes time for pro bono presentations! To inquire about scheduling a workshop for instructors at your school or program, please email Dr. Loyd here: fractionkit@gmail.com or drloyd@fractionkit.com